Research and Innovation at the RIBA

At the end of 2015, RIBA held a policy shaping council meeting to discuss the future of research and innovation within the architectural profession.

A+A's Jon Ackroyd was invited as a panelist to share his insight and expertise as a start-up founder and Post Occupancy Researcher + to advise the RIBA on how they could improve their support offering to practices when it comes to Research and Innovation. Other speakers included RIBA President Jane Duncan + Robin Nicholson of Cullinan Studios. It was chaired by RIBA's Research + Innovation chair, Professor Flora Samuel. The event's motion By 2020 the RIBA will be the leading architectural intelligence network, facilitating innovation, and improving practice effectiveness and outcomes through research and knowledge sharing was overwhelmingly passed! We look forward to more updates from the RIBA...

Jon AckroydComment