Ackroyd Lowrie hosts Property Hub Meet Up

Property Hub is an institution with over 10,000 members that aims to provide vast knowledge on property and investment in this sector. They not only have a quartley magazine and podcasts but they also offer a wide range of training days and events. It’s the place to go if you want to ask for advice, share a success story, download a library’s worth of free video courses, and find out about their recent activities. If you aren’t already a member of property hub you can become a member for free today at:

Property Hub Meet Up is a free monthly networking event that is open to everyone. This informal gathering is a relaxed get-together of likeminded people with a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The event is not sales based but instead focuses on knowledge sharing which is something Ackroyd Lowrie is a true believer in. Therefore, it makes sense that the local meet up leaders are none other then Director of Ackroyd Lowrie, Oliver Lowrie and developer Jethro East. They will be hosting the next event on November 3rd 2016 held at King VII pub in Stratford.

Interested in attending the latest event? You can register here:


Jon AckroydComment