Ackroyd Lowrie Meet the Microsoft HoloLens

On loan from Cityscape Digital, Ackroyd Lowrie had the privilege of experiencing the new HoloLens from Microsoft: the augmented reality headset. A holographic computer is built into the headset taking virtual reality one step further and introducing augmented reality, allowing the wearer to see and hear holograms. 

The HoloLens actually projects virtual elements into the wearer’s vision, making the experience fully immersive. It is completely wireless and uses a high-definition lense and spatial sound technology to create the experience. It doesn’t create a new reality as Oculus Rift does, instead it projects items into your existing one. Though the field of vision on the current model is narrow, this is something that will be improved in time for the next model’s release. It feels easier to wear than the Oculus Rift headset as it doesn’t cover the sides of the eyes. Consumers will be waiting around another four years for their version, but it will be worth the wait as this is technology that will not only change the architectural industry but the way we live our lives.


Jon AckroydComment