Ackroyd Lowrie appoints Andrea Schrader as Associate Architect & Business Development Manager

Having been a great driver in the growth of new business over the last four years at her former practice Surface to Air, Andrea Schrader, a RIBA and ARB accredited architect, has been appointed as Associate Architect & Business Development Manager at Ackroyd Lowrie. Having helped Surface to Air achieve significant growth, it was the right time for Andrea to embrace greater input into the direction and future success of a business.

"Iā€™m delighted to take on the new challenge of driving the business forward, and continuing to build on Ackroyd Lowrie's existing success. Directors Jon and Oliver are forward thinking designers with strong design aspirations very much in line with my own; I am excited to see how we will collaborate together"

Andrea has significant architectural experience in residential, commercial and retail design. She has worked with major brands including Global Radio, Tottenham Hotspurs and Mulberry. She is particularly known for her front end management, trend forecasting and conceptual design skill sets.