Ackroyd Lowrie nominated for Innovation award for our work with Virtual Reality to improve the design process.

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Ackroyd Lowrie have been nominated for an Innovation award at the Archiboo Web Awards 2017 for our work with Virtual Reality to improve the design and production of buildings for our clients.

For the last 3 years we have been developing a methodology allowing us to test multiple design iterations and gain feedback from users that creates meaningful design change. We find that doing this very early in a project gets huge buy-in from the client, and by the end of our second meeting, we usually have the skeleton of a final design which the client are happy with. The immersive experience they get allows them, at a basic level, to see how the light comes in, how the views out will work, how the space might be occupied, and how the spaces relate to each other. From a purely commercial point of view, we find it more profitable to use VR on projects than to not use it, as we no longer end up making emergency changes when the project is on site and client realise exactly what they aregetting.

We have formulated into a 5 stage process that we are currently Trademarking as a “Pre Occupancy Evaluation”. We think that the first step towards recognising the need for this pre-construction testing is to give it a name.

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