New Whitepaper: Can offsite, volumetric construction solve the housing crisis?

2018 is poised to be the year that offsite volumetric housing really takes off. Download your free copy of ‘Can Offsite, Volumetric Construction Solve the Housing Crisis’ here

Following our successful Hacking the Housing Crisis event, Ackroyd Lowrie are pleased to announce the launch of our latest whitepaper—setting out the potential for this highly effective new construction method to make time and cost savings on your next project.

What is volumetric construction?

Volumetric construction is a specific offsite method where entire blocks of flats are built in factory conditions in a series of self-supporting ‘volumes’ which are then transported to site and stacked into place. The volumes can be pre-clad, have windows, kitchens and even fixed furniture pre-installed in the factory to minimize works required on site.

This hyper efficient process means that volumetric construction can deliver up to 60% savings compared to conventional methods, according to Buildoffsite.

What’s in the paper?

  • Faster, cheaper and better quality

How the speed, quality and cost-effectiveness of offsite, volumetric construction is enabling developers to build more quickly and profitably.

  • New technology, new possibilities

Advances in Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, new production facilities and the ambitious architects who are redefining what’s possible in the world of modular construction.

  • Huge revenue opportunity

If it works for Europe and beyond, why should UK developers miss out? We reveal how modular construction makes for healthier balance sheets—unlocking earlier revenue streams and private rental income.

  • What needs to change

An honest assessment of Britain’s broken housing market and the work still left to be done—plus the promising private investment and Government support for offsite and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).

Also included: case studies and insights from the UK’s leading  offsite construction experts.

Download ‘Can offsite, volumetric construction solve the housing crisis’

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