Bombay Street

Location: Bermondsey, London 

Floor Area: 1750m2 sqm

Budget: TBC

Client: Scott Horsfall





At the heart of this 32 unit scheme in South London is a beautiful courtyard which brings daylight and ventilation to the flats, and is a wonderful leisure space within this dense urban area.

We developed a clever solution for our client that dissipates the massing of the blocks, allowing light through glazed circulation areas, and transforming the site with a coherent, legible scheme, that offers glimpses from the street through into the courtyard.

Brickwork at street level creates continuity with the surrounding area and a feeling of solidity, whilst above, lightweight glass and aluminium boxes temper the sense of scale. Planted balconies rise up the building, and reference the green space of the courtyard. The living spaces inside are diverse and include affordable units, family accommodation and accessible apartments.