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At Ackroyd Lowrie, we aim to be at the cutting edge of designing the cities of the future. Intensification with Imagination was an event bringing together experts looking at how the New London Plan encourages the development of London's Industrial sites to create dynamic, mixed-use neighbourhoods where industry, culture and residential uses sit side by side.
Oliver Lowrie from Ackroyd Lowrie walks around Alva Studios West- London's most high-tech Photographic Studio, discussing how the design responded to the client's brief, and how the latest technology was used in the design
Ackroyd Lowrie hosted an evening of fascinating debate about how we could 'hack' the current shortage of homes for Londoners. The evening was chaired by Liz Peace, Head of the Old Oak Common + Park Royal Redevelopment Corporation, and featured a panel of experts from across the construction and property sector.
Thanks @SrSteveb for a great question. Here Architect Oliver Lowrie takes you through the development process from conception to completion and explaining the technological tools we use that positively aid the process.