Post Occupancy Evaluation

Whilst at Architype, Jon Ackroyd undertook a three year post occupancy evaluation project on a recently completed building. This research has gone on to inform the way that Jon approaches design. The research involved extensive consultation with users, monitoring of energy usage, and analysis of daylight and comfort levels. 

The report found that the building was well received by its occupants, and was in the top 5% of all buildings ever surveyed in the UK. However, where issues had arisen, they were generally the result of breakdowns in communication between users, designers and builders. Further research by Jon proved these problems were endemic to the industry. 

Ackroyd Lowrie was established with the intention to transform user experience and communication within the building industry. We embrace collaborative working relationships to allow the knowledge from past projects and specialists to be shared with the users at the start of the design process.  

We believe this approach will lead to a dramatically improved building process that benefits the client.